The T.G.Sports (1955)


Here is a pdf file with an estimate of the building costs.

Mazda Miata MX5 Parts needed for the TG SPORTS include

Motor and Gearbox complete with engine mounts, engine mount caps, accelerator cable igniter, all sensors and their plugs. Airbox, computer and its wiring loom if using the Mazda computer. If using the auto transmission you will need the Miata computer as the trans is electronic and is driven by that computer.

Mazda Miata MX5 models MA and MB in both 1600cc and 1800cc formats are able to be used. The MC model (2005 on) is, at this stage, not because of major changes to the suspension. The motor, so far as we understand, can be used.

Steering column, complete with shroud, all switches, ignition switch, all bolts and fasteners, all slide washers, all U/JT's and extensions, Steering wheel. You will also need a second bottom universal joint.

Side repeaters if required by authorities

Complete front suspension assembly, with all fasteners, bushes, steering rack, brake lines, etc.

Complete rear suspension assembly with all fasteners, bushes, brake lines.

Wheels and wheel nuts. Jack. Plus a 5th wheel the same as the other 4.


Battery, battery tray and hold downs, cables.

Windscreen wiper motor and its first arm.

Handbrake and all its fasteners and cables.

Interior lights, misc. switches.

Seats and their slides and fastenings.

Fuel tank complete with all senders, pumps, check valves, hoses, cap, and the 2 covers in the trunk of the car.

Heater core and hoses, including blower motor.

Clutch master cylinder complete with all fastenings and lines.

Brake master cylinder and booster complete with all fastenings and lines.

Radiator fan, namely the engine one. Radiator hoses.


Exhaust system.


Petrol (gas) filter, carbon canister.

Headlamp inners (glass) and wiring loom and plugs. MB model only. 1989--1999

Complete wiring loom

PPF (Power plant frame)